MOBE Affiliate Program Review - All Affiliate Programs Are Not the Same See How MOBE Is Unique

MOBE Affiliate Program Review - All Affiliate Programs Are Not the Same: How MOBE Is Unique
MOBE Matt Lloyd Review about Affiliate Marketing - I never really paid much attention to cars.

My first was a little two-door manual shift economy car I got before I started going to college. It was 15 years old and had a lot of miles on it but I thought it was the greatest thing: roll down the windows, turn up the radio, and cruise. That's how I got to and from school and around town. I was proud of that little car.

For the last few years, living and working in Kuala Lumpur, I haven't driven much or really given much thought to cars, except the ones we award to our most productive affiliates through our MOBE Motors incentive program: Mercedes Benzes, BMWs, and other higher-end vehicles.

I've test-driven a few myself, including a Ferrari. That was an eye-opener.

Intellectually, I understood that there was a huge difference between a cheap two-door commuter car and a Ferrari Spider, but you can't really know the difference until you're sitting behind the wheel. Until that point, you might just think that a car is a car—four wheels and go.

On a basic level, I suppose that's true.

Someone with an interest in earning money online might have the same kind of idea: affiliate programs are affiliate programs—you drive traffic and you make commissions.

Again, on a basic level, I suppose that might be true but I'd like to show you how the MOBE Affiliate program is actually the one-of-a-kind Ferrari F12 TRS of affiliate programs.

Commission Size

MOBE Affiliate Program Review - Yes, all affiliate programs pay commissions. You Drive traffic to your offer, a percentage of that traffic buys a product, and you get paid. So, in that regard, affiliate programs are all alike.

What sets MOBE apart from the competition is the size of its commissions. There is no affiliate marketing program that even comes close to the magnitude of commissions that MOBE pays its affiliates.

I am talking about commissions of $13,500 for a single sale.

That's for one of our larger back-end products, but even much of our front-end product line (items priced $500 or less) pays 40-90% commissions.

How many $10, $20, or even $40 e-books would you have to sell to make $13,500 in commissions? How about a $1,250 single-sale commission? The latter has been a very common occurrence in MOBE.

We are able to pay out such generous commissions because we produce and deliver high-value, high-ticket products and services for small businesses and entrepreneurs. High-ticket equals high commission.

So, our affiliates don't have to generate thousands of sales to do well; they just need to drive the right kind of traffic to the offer.

Internal Phone Sales Team

MOBE Affiliate Program Review - The second thing that makes MOBE unique in the market is our phone sales team. No other affiliate program is doing this the way we do it.

Some companies who branch out into phone sales outsource their team from a sales agency—the proverbial "boiler room"—to contact their customers, make sales, and turn over a percentage. But these outside sales teams are not a part of the company. You don't necessarily have any quality control over how they operate. They don't have the same level of concern about developing and maintaining a long-term relationship with customers. They are just trying to make a sale and get on with the next call.

MOBE's phone sales team is entirely in-house. This allows us to do quality control directly. Each salesperson operates in an ethical manner for the benefit of the customer, the affiliate, and the company. They don't try to sell people things they don't need but work to assist the customer in areas they need help in.

Residual Income

Most affiliate programs pay commissions on sales but there's no residual—it's just one sale and done. Because of our phone sales team, MOBE Affiliates can get residual income. Our affiliates drive traffic to MOBE's front-end products and later, the phone sales team contacts those customers and sells them the appropriate back-end products. Affiliates make residual commission on those back-end sales.

In fact, MOBE Affiliates routinely collect commissions on sales to people they have no direct connection to. It's like this: There are several different MOBE Affiliate levels and you can receive commissions up to the level that you've invested in. Let's say the phone sales team closes a customer for a $30,000 service package. If the Affiliate who made the initial front-end sale to that customer is not invested at the level where he or she can receive commissions for a $30,000 service, the commission will pass on to the first Affiliate in the referral line who is invested at the right level.

A Multitude of Products

The last thing that really sets MOBE apart from other affiliate companies is the number of attractive, high-value, front-end products and services that we market. Currently, Mobe Marketplace presents more than 190 products, events, and services for small business owners and entrepreneurs—that's dozens more than any affiliate marketing program offers and it's growing larger every day.

Commission size, phone sales team, residual income, and a multitude of high-value front-end products—these are the four biggest reasons that MOBE isn't "just another affiliate marketing program."

Matt Lloyd
"What makes MOBE unique as an affiliate program?"

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