Matt Lloyd Tips - To Build a Valuable Business Team

When you’re an entrepreneur with the goal of building a successful company, it’s incredibly important to put together a solid team. Why? Because you can’t possibly do everything yourself. You’ll need to delegate tasks, and eventually, delegate entire departments of your business to other people. Without hardworking, educated, dependable employees and partners, your company will flounder and never achieve the success you’ve hoped for.
Matt Lloyd Tips - To Build a Valuable Business Team

So let’s assume that you need a great team to support you and your business ideas. How do you actually build that team?

Tips for Putting Together Your Business Team

Team members are incredibly important for your business development. I know that from personal experience. One of the first people I ever hired to help me with my internet marketing business was Athar Roshan, and he was so integral to my success that I still employ him to this day as MOBE’s CFO. As time went on and my company grew, I needed more and more people to take over tasks like administration, finance, and content writing. If your company experiences positive growth, you will have the same need.
Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years about developing and motivating a great team:
1. Hire highly-skilled professionals.
If you’re not careful during the hiring process, you’ll just cost yourself more time and money in the long run. Training and motivating unqualified team members is a waste of your resources, so don’t just hire the first person that applies.
2. Connect with team members regularly.
Even the best consultants and employees need some feedback, and to touch base with their leaders from time to time. The best way to keep everyone on the same page is to meet regularly, whether virtually or in person.
3. Develop and instigate a coaching program.
In a company like MOBE, the success of every consultant depends on the cultivation of a great team. Since the income of a consultant is heavily dependent on the subsequent sales of his or her recruits, coaching is a very important part of the team ethos. Take the time to create an in-depth, easy-to-understand program that teaches your recruits everything they need to know about your business and your plans for the future.
4. Present webinars.
A webinar is a simple way to connect with your team members. Not only can webinars be recorded ahead of time and broadcasted later, but it can save a lot of time and money when it comes to getting team members together to discuss issues. Most companies host at least one webinar a month.
5. Create Facebook community groups.
Facebook groups are the ideal place for team members to meet casually and discuss anything from procedural issues to customer relationships. These discussions can happen slowly over the day or week, and everyone can benefit from seeing the conversion unfold.

Every Great Team Needs Direction

Staying connected with your team is the most important thing to remember. You can use different coaching methods, create online communities, and provide feedback and direction during online or offline meetings. If you want to take your business to the next level by building a dedicated team, you have to offer a great deal of support to your staff and partners. Always make sure they understand your goals so they can work in tandem with you.
At the end of the day, it’s up to each team member to be productive. Provide all the relevant tools and support, and the people who truly believe in you and your company will rise to the top.

Matt Lloyd

MOBE Matt Lloyd: Influencer Marketing—How to Get the Most out of It

Influencer marketing is the phenomenon of recognizing, exploring and supporting the individuals who actually participate in online conversations that can really impact your brand’s value, products, and services. Marketing your brand to an audience of influencers is same as word of mouth marketing, but it does not rely on obvious recommendations. By utilizing influencers, web design companies can avoid much of the suspicion and incredulity that is usually expected by forwarding marketing messages.

A Comparatively New Marketing Approach

Influencer marketing can help you achieve marketing objectives like bringing awareness, generating more leads, and changing perceptions. But it is not as simple as it sounds. It is all about finding possibilities to build relationships with individuals who communicate to your potential customers in any way. These are the people who will actually help you gain a larger audience.
Keep in mind that influencer marketing is a unique technique. You cannot send a generic message to online influencers and hope for results. In order to get the most out of your influencer marketing, you need to recognize the influence is contextual. Without relevancy, there is no influence. Your influencers are solely dependent on what you are actually trying to achieve.
Once you find your influencers, you can start collaborating with them and determine the ways to support their efforts. There are so many possibilities to synchronize your marketing and influencer strategy to build credible relationships.
Keep in mind that you are building a strong relationship. Start sharing their content and commenting on their blogs. Do more collaborative activities. Remember, your influencers care more about their audience than they do about your services. It is advised to find some ways to help your influencers support their audience.

Strategies of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not an easy task, but it is powerful. Since audiences can easily interact on social media channels, it has become significantly more important for entrepreneurs to focus on relationships because that’s how you can get more opportunities for your business.

1. Determine the Appropriate Influencers

There are digital tools that make it easier for web design companies to analyze the social media factors of the most powerful profiles based on demographics.

2. Build a Strong Relationship with Influencers

It is important to develop a relationship with an influencer prior to asking them to support your product or company. A message on Facebook and Twitter can really help initiate a possible new influencer for the company.  See also: Why Is Important To Engage Your Audience -MOBE Review

3. Make Your Content Accessible to Influencers

Influencers are more likely to share content with their followers and fans if it is easy for them to add it into their blogs, Facebook pages and other social media portals. Companies can use online tools to distribute content. Give your influencer access to forthcoming campaigns, or invite them to use your products or services in person.

4. Don’t Ignore the Power of Social Networking Sites

Don’t just focus on a few popular social media platforms. Consider some minor social media networks to get significant influence.
Factors that depend on influencer marketing include:
  1. Topics That You Really Care About
  2. Your Mission
  3. Timings and Location
These factors may vary, so your influencers will be unique.
A major drawback of influencer marketing is that you can’t control it like traditional marketing. Web marketers are advised to prepare for negative outcomes as well if the influencers misrepresent their products or services.
This powerful marketing approach is unique as it appeals to influencers instead of customers. Web design companies should give respect to influencers and create an open relationship with them in order to endorse a product or service.

MOBE Tips - 5 Ways a Small Business Can Improve Its Online Presence

MOBE Tips - 5 Ways a Small Business Can Improve Its Online Presence
In today’s ultra-competitive environment, your small business needs an online presence just to be found. Showing up in a prospective customer’s search results can provide a significant advantage over competitors in your niche and, let’s face it, a significant portion of the market you serve is made of up consumers who begin their quest for products and services online.
The question is: where to begin? If you’re anything like most small business owners, you probably don’t have much of a marketing budget, or a dedicated marketing staff. And what business owner do you know who has time to research and master the finer points of SEO, SEM, or paid advertising? Not to mention, the web is jam-packed with the listings of all the other competitors in your niche. How can your business differentiate itself from all the rest?
Fortunately, there are some steps you can take. You don’t even need to be a marketing expert to pull them off.  Just put the following five tips into practice and you’ll soon increase your business’ online footprint and begin attracting new customers.

1. Respect the Power of Keywords

By now you should know that having a website that can be found easily on search engines is a core requirement for the modern small business. You can ensure that your site is easily found by including relevant keywords in your site’s text. These would be the keywords that you want to appear when your customer is searching for the goods or services you sell.
For example, if you’re in the business of repairing bowling balls and you’re located in Phoenix, Arizona, you may want to include “Phoenix bowling ball repair” or “Phoenix bowling ball service” on your website. Ideally, these terms should be sprinkled within the actual text on your web pages, in the meta descriptions, page titles, image alt tags, and in any blog posts. See also: Why Is It Important To Engage Your Audience?

2. Make the Most of Google

If most of your customer base is local, and you’re not looking to expand beyond the local marketplace, make sure that your listing is linked to Google maps. Doing so ensures that, when a customer or prospect types your city and business description in the search field (e.g.- “Phoenix bowling ball repair”), your business’ name and location should appear on the map. Prospective customers also may find you by performing a “Search Nearby” on Google maps for bowling ball repair businesses in the area.
Beyond getting found, being listed on Google maps is helpful to customers who rely on GPS devices to navigate their driving. Small businesses not listed on Google Maps run the risk of seeming out-of touch.
Getting a listing on Google Maps is as easy as can be. Just sign up with Google My Business, where you’ll be able to edit your listing’s details, track where customers are coming from, and read any reviews that customers post about you.

3. Leverage Online Directories

There are far more online directories than you might imagine. You may not use them yourself, but you never know where your next customer may find you—so, choose several and submit your information. Make sure you keep track of them on a spreadsheet, so you can accurately update information as your business grows.
Look for directories that are specific to your niche, as well as broad-based directories such as:,, Yahoo!Local, BingPlaces, Yelp,, CitySearch, Manta,, etc. The value of online directories varies, but having these listings should boost both your website traffic and your search engine ranking.

4. Know What Your Customers Are Saying

For better or worse, just about every business is being reviewed online by customers. Some reviews are justified, some aren’t. Last year, Yodle, a leader in local online marketing, conducted its first-ever “Small Business and Online Reviews Survey,” which polled 300 small business owners across a large array of service industries to get their perspective on online reviews.
What they found was that only half of small business owners think positive online reviews are important. Most aren’t receiving or asking for online reviews; and, a significant number of small business owners aren’t responding to or monitoring online reviews.
As if that weren’t bad enough, the survey also found that small business owners don’t effectively leverage customers’ online reviews, and many of them believe that the online reviews system is unfair.
Fair or unfair, you need to know what your customers are thinking and saying to others. Google “(your business’ name) reviews” to find out where most of your customers are posting feedback. Plug-in to these discussions and, when appropriate, respond in a helpful, respectful manner that demonstrates how much you care about your customer’s experiences. Never, ever post a knee-jerk response.

5. Get a Facebook Page

Although there are many social media sites to consider—and there are good reasons for you to be using Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others—Facebook is a solid choice for both small businesses that are just venturing into the social realm and local small businesses that want to bring in foot traffic.
Facebook is one of the most popular sites for small businesses because it provides a great way to showcase locations, hours of operation, photos, web addresses, and relevant content. Updating your Facebook page at least once a month will keep your business top-of-mind for customers, and hopefully catch the attention of prospects who are on the fence about doing business with you. You can also encourage followers to share your page, which would increase your following. The platform even empowers you to distribute targeted advertising to Facebook users who may not know about your business yet.
By gradually implementing these five tips, you will grow—and better manage—your small business’ online presence. You’ll reap the rewards, and your customers just might thank you for putting their needs first.

MOBE Training: How to Stand Out in The Affiliate Marketing Niche

The number of people who joined the affiliate marketing industry is said to have increased by 150 percent since the year 2000. This means there are probably thousands of people promoting the same offer as you. To become successful in this congested market, you will need to be distinct and unique from everyone else.

Unique Selling Point

You have to figure out something that sets you apart from other affiliate marketers promoting the same offer as you.
Because the offer is the same, you have to offer customers a better service than the competition.Have extra perks that customers will get from purchasing with you. For example, you could offer a free website or social media analysis of the small businesses you want to promote MOBE to. Once you have pinpointed issues that exist with their website, offer MOBE products as a solution, with an additional offer of helping the customer implement the product.
This is a unique extra mile that not many affiliate marketers will take, but customers will notice, and will want to buy from you again next time.

Personal Brand

Establish yourself as someone with something the audience want. Be genuine and real. Instead of mimicking ‘guru’ blueprints of online marketing, be the individuals that has information and expertise, and is willing to share it to help others. Be accessible and engage with your audience, and constantly talk about topics they are interested in. Ask questions and find out what their most prominent challenges are, then offer solutions like MOBE training tools and products.
This gives you a ‘voice’ of a friend who wants to help. Instead of your messages sounding like a lecture, let it be an interaction. You have information that will benefit the audience; and they are the ones that understand their problems best. Learn from them how you can best present the information to benefit them. See also: All Affiliate Programs Are Not the Same See How MOBE Is Unique

Final Thought

The one thing that is going to make you stand out is how you make your customers and prospective customers feel. Be genuine and show that you care about the customer beyond their money. You truly want to help them improve their businesses, and believe MOBE products to be the best solution for that. Listen to the customers, and address their needs, not your agenda. Instead of being seen as a ‘pesky salesperson’, you become an advisor.

MOBE Training: What to Look for in an Affiliate Program

So, you have finally made the decision to get into the online marketing business. You have done some research, and you know this is the business for you. The next step is to join an affiliate program. There are so may affiliate programs out there, it becomes hard to choose just one. But it is important that you choose, so you can focus your attention in the particular business and grow it to its fully potential.
Below are three things that you should look at when you choose the program to work with.

      1)      Training

As a new affiliate marketer, you need to learn how to successfully promote products online, and a great affiliate program should offer training on that. The MOBE affiliate program offers a comprehensive 21 step program that teaches you everything you need to in order to succeed as a MOBE consultant.
MOBE Training: What to Look for in an Affiliate Program

      2)      Support

A good affiliate program should have loads of support for customers. You are going to need help, or have some question, and you need to have somewhere to reach out to and get help. If you join a program without proper support, you will struggle and eventually lose heart for the business.
When you join the MOBE affiliate program, you get a coach who will help you through the 21 steps program and establishing your business. You can also reach out to MOBE’s 24 hours support center, where MOBE experts are always available to help you. MOBE also has social media groups exclusively for MOBE consultants. Through these groups, you can interact with Matt Lloyd, MOBE experts, and MOBE consultants, some of who have made over a million dollars in commission.

      3)      Compensation Plan

This is one of the most important factors of any affiliate program. You have to fully understand how you are going to make money with that program. Check out the commission rates and find a program that will have you making significant money from selling each products. Also check the time it takes to get paid, and try avoiding programs that will take months without paying you. The MOBE affiliate program can offer you up to 90% in commission, and you will be selling high ticket products, which translates to higher income for you.


Before you choose any affiliate program, research about it, and fully understand how you are going to make money with the program. Make sure the program has a solid system set to facilitate your business growth, and you can get ample support and help from it. The program should also have a viable product to sell that you will be able to find a market for.

Should I Promote High Ticket MOBE Products Directly?

MOBE Products : When you promote high ticket products, commissions are high. With the MOBE License Rights, you can make $1,250 in commission. From just one sale. This is a very enticing amount, and it can be tempting to offer such products directly as your front end offers, but is there any downside to that?

‘Buy at First Sight’ Are Rare
People rarely buy a product they only just came into contact with. They need more information on it. Even after they have done their research, they like to test it out, and they are not going to spend a lot of money testing out a product or a seller. So, if your front end offer is a $2000 product, people might back out after reading your sales pitch, even if they are really interested in that product.
Starting off with a low ticket front end offer gives you an opportunity to build a relationship with your prospects. People can get to experience the quality of MOBE products through the $49 21-step HTAM program, which is not a big expense and many people will be willing to pay to try out. They also get to experience your customer service, and if you provide them quality service, they will trust you enough to upscale with you.

It’s Done for You
Selling high ticket products is not easy. That is why MOBE experts with lots of experience in making sales will do all this for you. You are going to have an easier time convincing a prospect to buy a $49 product than a product worth a couple of thousands of dollars. Then, when you have them as a lead, the MOBE sales team will contact them and promote high end products to them, and you make you back end commission when they buy. 

Offering high ticket MOBE products as front end offers will make your work a little more difficult, and it may take a lot more time before you get leads who actually buy, hence you will take longer to earn.  You have a better chance of getting leads with low ticket front end offers, and let the MOBE experts earn the back-end commissions for you.
MOBE Training: How to Win at Negotiating

MOBE Training: How to Win at Negotiating

As an entrepreneur, you will have to negotiate to get better deals to avoid paying maximum prices and having a high expenditure. You have to negotiate better deals with your manufacturers, investors, and all other stakeholders to provide the best situation for your business.
Below are three best tips you should always consider when negotiating to get a great deal out of anything.

Argue the Other Party’s Pressures, Not Yours

The most common mistake people make when negotiating is focusing on why they need that deal. This puts you at a disadvantage because you give the other party power to set the scales. You are the one who needs them, not the other way around.
Instead of that, focus on why the deal is beneficial to the other party.  Ask yourself the kind of pressures the other party could be facing. Is there high supply of their product than there is demand in the market currently? What do they stand to lose if they don’t make this deal?  Focus on that and firmly present it to the other party until they take the deal.

Present a Win-Win Situation

Listen well to the other party and decipher what is an acceptable solution on their side. Understand their priorities, and find a solution in which you meet halfway. Aim to satisfy the main priorities for yourself and the other partner in a way that everybody wins.
Your goals should be to get a good deal, not to swindle the other party. That will just present you as a ruthless, untrustworthy person, and they may never want to do business with you again. Forbes contributor Keld Jensen’s research with Market Watch Centre for Negotiation found that negotiators get 42% more value when they create a trustful and collaborative relationship that benefits everyone.

Close The Deal

Have an endgame before you start negotiating. Know what you want to walk away with, and several compromises that will benefit everyone. Negotiating is like a chess game, each of your moves will influence the next one, so, throughout the process, be alert and keep a keen sense of timing. When you reach a satisfactory point, be swift and close. If you can’t settle on a single number, be ready to compromise, and sometimes walk away if the deal is not worth it.